Recently, I witnessed a beautiful speech by a man toasting his neighbor of nearly 30 years, who was retiring. As a past rock climber, the “toaster” likened friendship to climbing …noting that he chooses his friends based on who he wants holding his rope during a difficult climb. My jaw hit the floor, because it was such a simple analogy yet so powerful. As we get older, we choose more wisely don’t we? And the friends we have, the small circle we intentionally design around us, means the world to us.  I have a handful to people holding my rope, and they know I have theirs.

Who’s rope are you holding? Who has yours? You’re a good friend, I can tell. You have their backs, and they have yours. When life gets tough, you’re there. And so is Centerpoint! We’re a good friend too. Centerpoint is recommended by friends all over this planet- and we’re proud of that. It touches my heart when I see friends/ spouses joning our Introductory Sessions for support. We love when you recommend Centerpoint to your circle, and we take it seriously.  You’re a good friend to Centerpoint too, and we thank you!

Now go hug your friends.


Leah Krieger
Executive Director


Upcoming Workshops:
  • Navigating Change Full Day- June 13th with Barbara
  • Navigating Change Evening Session- June 17 & 18 with Ruth
  • Passion Search has 2 spots left for June 10th session with Barbara
  • Passion Search 55+ has 2 spots left for June 20th session with Ruth
  • Job Tools Clinic June 5th and June 29th from 1:00-2:30pm.
  • RETREAT! We’ve scheduled a Retreat since the first time in 2008! August 26-30th facilitated by non-other than Centerpoint Founder, Carol Vecchio. Our 4 1/2 day Retreat combines the Navigating Change Workshop, Passion Search Workshop, Vision Into Action Workshop and more! 6 spots available.




Rent Our Space!

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Let us help you make your next event or meeting a success! Centerpoint’s main living room/library area is a great place for small and large workshops, networking events, or meetings. We also have a smaller, intimate conference room that can hold up to 10 for your serious discussions.
Our non-profit rates are affordable and our property is gorgeous!

Resource Center

“5 Reasons You Should Turn Down a Job” by Rhett Power/Muse & Inc.

“Meet the Boss of the Future” by Jane Porter/Fast Company

“What I Learned About My Career From Leading a Double Life” by Catherine LeClair/Huffington Post

“One Sector More Poised For the Future…” by Nathaniel Calhoun & Darlene Damm/Forbes

“What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work” by Adam Davidson/NY Times

“What Motivates Us At Work” by Jessica Gross/Ideas.Ted.Com