For the fourth consecutive morning, it was a battle to get out of bed. “What the heck is going on?!”, I asked myself. I’m getting more sleep than typical (miracle!), my nutrition has been good…there is no reason for me to be this tired and slow in the morning. Then it hit me. Ah. It’s the changing of the season. The sun is no longer up to greet me, the gray skies and rain have finally returned, the temperature has dropped; this all has an affect on my overall energy. So I go to my first two combat tactics: double the Vitamin D and exercise. I notice the difference on day 2, but I’ve got to keep it up or I falter on all fronts.

Where is your energy? When Fall arrives, some of us are welcoming it (sweatpants! football! clean out the fireplace!), others not so much…because of the drastic change in our energy. This can be universal to so many aspects of our lives. Of course, the connection and energy we have to our work can be vastly affected by our own transitions. Through seasons, through phases, through energy levels. Being aware of these changes is key, and having practices to balance these changes is essential. Do you have these practices on the ready? Looks like you might need to soon!

If you’re feeling a long time has passed since you’ve had a true connection to your work self, it may be time to visit Centerpoint Institute. Our foundational transitional model has helped tens of thousands to navigate through the hard times, and to find freedom and confidence in the next time. We are here to help you through it…even when you may not think you have the energy to do so.

Leah Krieger

Executive Director

Calling all Professionals! 

Centerpoint Institute and Carol Vecchio are offering a Professional Training this October for career counselors, life coaches or mental health counselors to expand their practice with our fundamental training.
Learn all about the Natural Cycles of Change, and how to use this tool with your clients to help them navigate uncertainty with a holistic approach. Training is October 23-25, 2015. We are also offering licensing for our Passion Search curriculum October 27-30.
All details, and how to begin, are available on our website:

“Starting From the Source”


This transformational program is about creating the life you desire starting from exactly where you are at this moment: YOU are the source.

The What: A chance to strap on your healthy boots and make a real change in your life:

  • 12 weeks of expert guidance to your healthiest self
  • 6 group sessions + 6 private session with LeAnn Smith
  • Focus on nutrition, fitness, relationships, self-expression, and manifesting your desires
  • Built in support from the group to help you create sustainable change
  • The program cost is only $530 (Centerpoint Alum’s get 15% off!)
The When: The intensive 3-month program begins Wednesday September 16, 2015.

The Who: Click here to more about LeAnn Smith!

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Navigating Change Evening Session September 9 & 10
  • Navigating Change Day Session September 12
  • Passion Search has three September start dates: Tuesday 15, Thursday 24 and Saturday 26!
  • Also to note, a new Retreat is on the calendar! January 26th-30th. Facilitated by Carol Vecchio!
    For workshop information, or to register, visit our website!

When you think of donating….MP900405586 2
Centerpoint asks that you think of us! Our non-profit status exists so that we may be assessable to anyone and everyone wanting to find their purpose, regardless of their current income or employment. We are able to keep our tuition low, and accept payment plans and volunteer hours to make it possible for some to join us. Our Scholarship Fund is offered to those needing more help, and it solely depends on your donations. Consider giving anything you can, even $5 helps! Another easy way to support Centerpoint’s mission, is by using for your purchases, and linking your donation % to Centerpoint. Thank you!

Favorite Quote:

“All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”     —Albert Einstein

Resource Center

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