It happens to everyone. Suddenly, you’re walking in your front door but you can’t really remember the drive home. You’re not paying attention. You realize it’s your wedding anniversary…tomorrow. You have no time to make something happen…because you’re not paying attention. So on and so on. I’ve forgotten birthdays, didn’t celebrate births of children enough, wasn’t present on many gatherings…because I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t present in my life. My brain was always on the operation I was running at work. That was a choice of mine, I chose to do that. When you stop choosing that, and when you’re able to either change your boundaries or completely give it up…you start being present in your own life. I felt like I was seeing colors for the first time! So if you feel that no matter what you do, you’re being pulled in 10 different directions, PAY ATTENTION to that feeling. You’re choosing that, is that how you want to spend your time? Your days? Your years? I doubt it, because believe me…when you get present, it’s all the sweeter.

Take some time, learn about the life balance that works for you. I assure you it’s different than what works for me. Learn how to pay attention, get in tune, see the signs, know what’s right….these are all possible skills. You just have to do the work to get there. And that’s what we’re here for…to help you do the work.

Leah Krieger
Executive Director