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Are you a counselor interested in learning more about Centerpoint, our methods, and how to help your clients navigate change and find their passions? Attend one of our training sessions! To register please contact us.

Passion Search Training

Using constructivist and narrative approaches, Passion Search uncovers the hidden clues to each person’s purpose in life, and helps “hear” it for themselves, through both the counselor one-on-one sessions and the facilitator and their fellow participants in small group settings. Trainees will learn to listen intuitively, offering useful, structured feedback. Drawn from the work of Richards Bolles, Barbara Sher, John Crystal, Frederic Hudson, and more…Passion Search integrates the best of holistic, person-centered approaches and perspectives.

Facilitated by Centerpoint’s Founder, Carol Vecchio, you will learn to help individual clients and groups access and understand their essential selves through intuition and clue gathering, then to clarify a vision of the future that integrates their passion and purpose in life. This 4-day, 30-hour training program costs $1695 and includes all breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Lodging is available for a reduced fee on the Talaris World Campus where Centerpoint is located. Or you can lodge elsewhere upon your preference.

Upcoming Training:

October 21-24, 2016

Prior to Training: Complete the Passion Search exercises
Friday 2:00-6:00pm: Welcome and group connections, immersion in Passion Search processing
Saturday 9:00am-7:00pm: Delve into the similarities and differences in narrative/career construction approaches, learn the Passion Search curriculum.
Sunday 9:00am-7:00pm: Immersion in the curriculum, work with volunteer clients around passion issues, observe an on-going Passion Search Workshop
Monday 9:00am-2:00pm: Focus on how to summarize passion and vision and put it into action

Carol Vecchio is insightful and a great role model/mentor for me. I feel so fortunate to have her as my coach and colleague. Some of the gifts I have received from working with Carol have been the further honing of my listening skills and intuition. Her meaningful, uplifting and specific feedback is very inspirational and supportive. I highly recommend her training and coaching whether you are a new or experienced career counselor.

Ruth Rogers

Centerpoint Facilitator

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Natural Cycles of Change Training for the Professional

Centerpoint is a renowned non-profit organization impacting thousands upon thousands of individuals in designing a life they love. Our programs are not only ground breaking, but have proven tried and true in their two decades of execution and success stories.

We want to extend our reach to a nation in flux and in need of support. We invite you to learn the foundation of the Centerpoint Process – the Natural Cycles of Change – instructed by Centerpoint’s Founder, Carol Vecchio. Carol personally created the Natural Cycles of Change and in tandem with her team at Centerpoint, they have successfully executed this process with over 20,000 individuals earning great acclaim in the field of Career Counseling and Life Design. You will learn in detail and in depth this innovative tool for inclusion in your work with your clients.

The Natural Cycles of Change is a proven and powerful model for people in transition. It presents change in a supportive and holistic framework, ultimately allowing individuals to navigate their own process gracefully and confidently. Join the Centerpoint Movement in creating honest, authentic, reflective and truly successful guidance for those that are unfulfilled, uninspired, and may be unemployed.

For your Natural Cycles of Change Training, you’ll join us in Seattle on our beautiful campus.  The course is limited to eight participants and flows over two and half days costing $1,200. This fee includes your meals and the registration for this Natural Cycles of Change Training. Lodging is available on the Talaris World Campus where Centerpoint is located for a reduced fee or you can lodge elsewhere upon your preference.

Upon successful completion of Natural Cycles of Change, you’ll be a part of the growing Centerpoint Community and enjoy this remarkable tool for your career, but also these marketing benefits:

  • usage of the “Centerpoint Natural Cycles of Change” designation
  • marketing and promotion of your affiliated offerings in Centerpoint’s e-newsletter and website
  • discounted access for your clients to our Centerpoint workshops in Seattle and via Skype
  • an opportunity to lead a Centerpoint online course or webinar

To learn more about the Natural Cycles of Change Training or to register, please contact us.

Upcoming Training:

March 11-13th, 2016

Friday, 5:00-9:00pm: Welcome and group connection, immersion in the Natural Cycles of Change

Saturday, 9:00am-7:00pm: Intensive work with the Natural Cycles of Change including interaction, assessment, application, case studies, and practice within dyads and fishbowls

Sunday, 9:00am-2:00pm: Deepening the application of the model and practicing with volunteer clients. Wrap-up discussion addressing questions and feedback.

Centerpoint on the Talaris Campus

Centerpoint at the Talaris World Campus