Letting go is hard. Some of us are better at it than others. Age tends to lead to easier acceptance. But for the most part, it requires a process. It’s rarely quick and painless. Instead it’s a range of emotions, weighing options, making lists, talking to those around us… all kinds of ways to arrive at the point of fully realizing “this is no longer working for me!” Once you arrive,  the actually process of pulling the trigger and moving forward follows. This all takes commitment, clarity and diligence.

Clients that come to Centerpoint Institute tend to need quite a bit of help with the process of letting go. Whether it’s needing permission, or the space and know how to do it, it’s a valuable experience one is not too soon to forget. A community can provide such a valuable support during this time, which is why I think the Centerpoint approach is so transformative to our clients. We are here to help facilitate the process with you- letting go, rebuilding, defining your purpose- it’s all has to start with the transition and uncertainty that morphs into the realization that it’s time to move on.

If you’re nodding your head and you feel you are in that space now then Centerpoint is certainly here to assist you, give us a call! If you are an Alumni and have friends or family that you know that may need our help, we would love for you to recommend our Introductory Sessions (please note our Introductory Sessions are now every other week. Be sure to check the website for official dates). Helping you “make what you do, fit who you are”, is why we’re here. We couldn’t be prouder of you…

                                                                                          Leah Krieger                    

                                                                                          Executive Director

Centerpoint has everything you need! 
For your business: Centerpoint Institute offers Outplacement programs, workshops and leadership development at your organization and so much more! We have worked with all kinds of businesses, small and large, on many different levels of employee engagement. Contact Centerpoint’s Executive Director for more information.

We also rent out space at our Institute for your meetings and events (up to 40 people can fit comfortably in our living room area) or board meeting style events (6-8 in our conference room with large TV and beautiful views of our property!) See here for more details on renting our space.

For the professional: Centerpoint founder, Carol Vecchio, is offering certification in both the Navigating Change and Passion Search curriculum this month! Learn a different, holistic approach to working with your clients. Space is available!

Board Service: Interested in joining a non-profit Board of Directors? Contact Executive Director, Leah Krieger, for more information. We are looking to add to Our Team, join us to have a profound impact on your community!

For the reader: “The Time Between Dreams” is a truly powerful tool for those in career/life transition, in the process of letting go, and/or needing some guidance about your next steps. Written by Centerpoint Founder, Carol Vecchio, and used in our Navigating Change Workshop, this book can be a valuable resource for you or your loved ones!

The Thoughtful Giver: Did you know all programs and services at Centerpoint Institute can be given as a gift? We offer gift certificates year round, and it’s a great gift during the holidays!

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Navigating Change Day Session October 10th
  • Passion Search Saturday Series: October 24th
  • Passion Search 2 Week Long Series: November 2nd!
  • Also to note, a new Retreat is on the calendar! January 26th-30th. Facilitated by Carol Vecchio!
    For workshop information, or to register, visit our website!

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Centerpoint asks that you think of us! Our non-profit status exists so that we may be assessable to anyone and everyone wanting to find their purpose, regardless of their current income or employment. We are able to keep our tuition low, and accept payment plans and volunteer hours to make it possible for some to join us. Our Scholarship Fund is offered to those needing more help, and it solely depends on your donations. Consider giving anything you can, even $5 helps! Another easy way to support Centerpoint’s mission, is by using AmazonSmile.com for your purchases, and linking your donation % to Centerpoint. Thank you!

Favorite Quote:

“Letting go is hard. But sometimes holding on is harder” – Unknown

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