With many experiences in our lives, there is a “been there – done that” approach. No one wants to revisit, they just want to move on. This is not the case with Centerpoint Institute Alumni. Each of you recalls that feeling that day in your workshop of “Yes! This is what I’ve been missing!” You are likely in a new position or career because of your Passion Search discovery. You hold a warm heart and supportive voice for Centerpoint.

Centerpoint Alumni are 20,000 strong.

Over our two decades of Centerpoint work, we have engaged and aided over 20,000+ people. We are so proud of this connection and the numbers of you in the Centerpoint Movement. Knowing that life’s transitions never truly end, we invite you to return again and again to the library, the workshops, and one-on-one counseling/coaching to assist you while you navigate change, large and small.

Alumni Benefits

We want to ensure you we keep you engaged, centered, and our Centerpoint programs accessible to you as you change and grow! The following benefits are for Centerpoint participants who have completed both Navigating Change (formerly LifeWork Renewal) and Passion Search.

  • 10% discount for One-on-One Sessions.
  • Discounts on Workshops during designated “Alumni Months.”
  • Centerpoint Library Card and check-out rights of Centerpoint materials for the nominal fee of $5 annually.
  • Complimentary registration to the quarterly Centerpoint Seasonal Speakers series.
  • Complimentary access to exclusive Centerpoint Alumni networking and connection events.

To put these great benefits into action or to learn more, contact us.

Centerpoint I think saved my life, or at least the life of my soul.  When I came to Centerpoint I was in a great deal of confusion.  I had left my teaching job of five years, the only job I thought I wanted to do, left the East Coast, and did not know what was next. It was a dark time in my life.

That was in the mid to late 90’s.

Come forward 17 years to today. For the past 13 years I have been in private psychotherapy practice, doing work that is meaningful, work that I feel grateful to do everyday, work that I love and that feeds my soul. I also have been on the faculty at LIOS (The Leadership Institute of Seattle) the program I trained in, helping train psychotherapist, coaches and consultants for eight years.

I love my professional life today and get up every morning excited about what I get to do.

When I look back at how I got from that very dark place to a place where I feel so blessed for the work I get to do in the world I see Centerpoint as the bridge that took me from a very lost place and helped me find a way forward and helped me trust that I was in a creative process and not just lost forever.  I think Centerpoint, the courses I took there and the support I got there, provided me with a map through that dark and confusing time and gave me permission to be in the place I was in and to see it as part of a journey and not a dead end.

So, I am grateful, so grateful, for what Centerpoint gave me—really Centerpoint gave me my life back. Or, maybe more accurately, helped me find my life.

Mark Goodman

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy