Articles and items that caught our eye. No Time to Think, NY Times, July 25, by Kate Murphy Seven Signs You’re Wasting Your Talent, LinkedIn, July 12, by Liz Ryan Dying to Work..., TLNT, April 24, by Robin Hardman 8 Women Entrepreneurs…,Fast Company, July... read more

Love Hard or Go Home

I chuckle as I write that subject line, but it seems to encompass what I’m wanting to share today. By the way, I never know what I’m going to write until I sit to write. Sometimes I stare at the screen, leave and come back…and sometimes it just... read more


SKYPE IN!  We want everyone to join and benefit from our time tested workshops and one-on-one sessions, so we have opened participation via Skype.  Space is limited for Skype registrations, please e-mail [email protected] or call 206-686-5433 to secure your spot... read more

Being Organic

Many times, I have heard Carol describe our approach as “organic”. I’ve heard myself use this word when introducing someone new to Centerpoint, that we provide “career counseling with a holistic…or an organic…twist”. I love... read more

Walking that Tight Rope?

Last month I talked a lot about success, and defining your own version of success. This month it makes sense to touch on the art of balance, because it seems the two go hand in hand. If you are trying to function in the guidelines of someone else’s success, you... read more

Define Success

During my major career transition in 2012 (was that really two years ago!?), there was one lesson that seemed to eclipse all others. It was this realization that took the longest to arrive to, but had the most impact once I got there. The simple question: “what... read more

Daily Gratitude

  It’s quite common to be overwhelmed with the word “grateful”, or “thankful” this time of year. We suddenly remember to stop and notice our blessings, and to share with everyone how fortunate we are. I see daily posts on Facebook... read more

Make Believe

Why is it so hard for us to make believe? To dream? To take those negative, doubtful voices and “put them on the shelf”, in order to listen to those desires? What happens to us? Well, we all know the answer to that one…life. Becoming an... read more

Leaving the Corporate World

By now, most of you know my story. Fourteen years in the hospitality industry, the last few of which were in high-level management. As a Department Head, I was responsible for…well everything. I worked for three different corporate brands in my career and with every... read more

A Whirlwind – or Worldwind? – Summer!

From Italy to Boston and beyond, so many remarkable things have been happening. I thought I’d write some thoughts down in order to share them with all of you. I arrived in Padova, Italy on Wednesday, June 18th, the day before the International Conference on Life... read more

Carol’s Career Attraction Blog

Carol Vecchio ‘s guest blog for …   Posts: 4 Steps to Networking Naturally, July 2013 How Do You Know When You’ve Nailed That Interview?, September 2013 Stay tuned for our upcoming post: Leave or Stay — How Do I Decide? to be published October... read more

Other Interesting Pieces

Harvard Business Review Blog Network —  What Job Candidates Really Want:  Meaningful Work.   Centerpoint Video… Watch it here: Enjoy and consider supporting the work with a donation to... read more

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