An obvious part of my role (and one of my favorites!) at Centerpoint Institute is to spread the word about our mission and impact. Everyone I meet, professionally and casually, learns at least some small aspect about our vision, our client base, and our commitment of a holistic approach to career development. It’s easy to start with a line or two description of our concept, and more often that not people become very interested and want to hear all about it! If it’s not for their own interest, for friends or family that need to make a career change. I feel like we all know at least 5 people at one time who are struggling with their connection and energy to their current vocation.

Introducing Centerpoint is the simplest of solutions! We try to make it easy to learn about us through not only our website, front office, but mostly our Introductory Sessions. These complimentary sessions are offered every other week (see website for full list of dates and to register), and generally last an hour. Here we introduce interested possible clients to our approach, culture, faculty and a full explanation of all programs and services. Attendees also get discounts on upcoming workshops, and your first Individual Session is discounted! If you had a transformative experience at Centerpoint- pay it forward! Introduce Centerpoint by suggesting the Introductory Session and everyone wins! Thank you kindly!

                                                               Leah Krieger                    

                                                                       Executive Director

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Navigating Change Day Session November 14th. Centerpoint Founder Carol Vecchio will be facilitating this workshop! This is rare- don’t miss it! Her book, The Time Between Dreams, is included in your registration.
  • Passion Search: Groups begin November 16th (Monday series with Barbara Muller) and December 5th (Saturday series with Jennifer Weickum)
  • Also to note, a new Retreat is on the calendar! January 26th-30th.
    For workshop information, or to register, visit our website!

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Centerpoint asks that you think of us! Our non-profit status exists so that we may be assessable to anyone and everyone wanting to find their purpose, regardless of their current income or employment. We are able to keep our tuition low, and accept payment plans and volunteer hours to make it possible for some to join us. Our Scholarship Fund is offered to those needing more help, and it solely depends on your donations. Consider giving anything you can, even $5 helps! Another easy way to support Centerpoint’s mission, is by using for your purchases, and linking your donation % to Centerpoint. Thank you!

Favorite Quote:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

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