Welcome to 2015! I know this will be a great year for Centerpoint Institute! Last year we were very much in a growth/strategy phase, and this year is all about getting it done. We are blessed to have such an incredibly supportive community, thank you for your continued efforts to help us reach those in need. I look forward to bringing you more events and resources in 2015, evolving our programs, modernizing our procedures, and much much more. A year from now we will most likely be in a new location, offer more on-line friendly programs and definitely be more involved in our community. Cheers friends, to a fresh year to design a life we love! Whatever that looks like for you, we are here to help you through that journey. You don’t ever have to be alone, we are here. Celebrate safely as the new year begins, and know that everyone here, celebrates you as well!

Leah Krieger
Executive Director


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