It’s quite common to hear all about being grateful this time of year. It’s contagious, it’s top of mind, and it’s wonderful. Imagine that warm fuzzy feeling year round! Gratefulness is a state of mind, no doubt about it. However, that’s easier said than done. Flat tires, long lines, screaming kids, meetings…this can easily divert our attention to feeling not so grateful. But I tell you, when you can see the elements in every situation that can be gathered in a thankful manner, these situations become less and less overwhelming.

I think this time last year I talked about my new Grateful Diary. This is an incredible tool to not only start changing how you think by keeping gratitude present, but it’s also a sustainable exercise that feeds the soul. If that seems daunting, there are other resources out there to get you in the mood- like this website! 

Centerpoint Institute is so very thankful for it’s Alumni, partners, community, Faculty, Founder, and Board of Directors. It takes a village!


                                         Leah Krieger                    

                                                 Executive Director

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Navigating Change: Evening Session December 15 & 16 6:15-9:15pm
  • Passion Search: Groups begin Saturday December 5th, Saturday January 9th and Tuesday January 26th.
  • Retreat! Facilitated by Founder, Carol Vecchio. Space limited! January 26th-30th.
  • December’s Job Tools will be offered December 18th this month, in respect of the holidays.
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Make 2016 About You! 
Centerpoint Institute is offering its distinguished alumni the opportunity to
 Renew > Reconnect > Rediscover

It’s a new year – now is the time to find your best self once again.

Renew your interest, energy, and passion.

Reconnect with fellow Centerpoint Institute alumni and facilitators.

Rediscover your path and find new ways to put your dreams to work.

Make 2016 about you.

    Individual Sessions are 10% off to Alumni
Passion Search and/or Navigating Change class at 15% off
Bring a friend or family member and they will get 10% off

For those who have attended an Introductory Session/Orientation only, we have an offer for you as well! Recommend a friend or family member, and you both will get 5% off any service! 

For all offers, give us a call! 206-686-5433

Favorite Quote:
“I am grateful for what I am and have. My Thanksgiving is perpetual.” 
-Henry David Thoreau

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