Root Noun: A source or cause. A supporting or essential part. Verb: To fix the roots of in the ground. To establish. To begin growing by putting out roots.

For those who know me well know I absolutely love trees. I didn’t see many trees growing up in Arizona unless we went camping in the Northern part of the state. Thankfully, we were a big camping family, and I loved nature from an early age. Today, I live in a lush wonderland of trees! I constantly gawk at how stunning they are here. I crave forest settings…my necklace is a tree pendent…I have an olive tree tattoo (don’t judge!). Trees are life and beauty, complex yet simple. They would be nothing, nonexistent, without the roots that anchor and feed them.

So, what feeds you? How strong are your roots anchored? Do you bend and flow in the wind, or are you firm and unmoving? How does this transfer into how you live your life? Are you unsure, fighting it, feeling stuck in the mud? Or do you know your roots- and feel comfortable bending and adjusting to what is around you? This can say a lot about how you approach your work/life balance. If you strive to stand tall, grounded, sure, confident…but perhaps need some help to get there. Who doesn’t!? Centerpoint’s cause is to transform people’s lives, one root at a time.



    Leah Krieger

                                                                                                Executive Director

May Workshops:

  • Navigating Change with Carol Vecchio facilitating! Experience the Natural Cycles of Change from the Founder of Centerpoint Institute! Saturday May 9th, space still available…register HERE!
  • Passion Search Saturday May 16th has just a couple seats left! Articulate your passions inside and outside of work. Realize and define your purpose. Sign me up! 
  • In June, Centerpoint is offering a 55+ Passion Search beginning Saturday the 20th. Remember, only 6 participants to a group so you’ll want to secure your spot soon.
  • Childhood Clues is a necessary workshop if you have young adults in your home! This isn’t your traditional session of testing and drawing instant conclusions on a career path. This is learning to tap into the authentic traits we each portray daily, which when realized and given proper care, can bloom to a life fulfilled. Learn more and register here. 
  • Every Tuesday at 6pm and Thursdays at 12pm, join us for our complimentary Introductory Session. Our staff reviews our approach, culture, programs/services and details of our financial assistance programs. Sign up here!
  • Job Tools Clinic on May 29th will help you with resume/cover letter writing, interview tips, using social media for your job search, networking resources, and more! For only $30 this is a great clinic to get you started. Register here.

20% off all services for our Alumni in the month of June! Teachers in Washington State will get 15% of all services June-August. Call our office for details: 206-686-5433.

Our workshop dates on our website are available through July if you’re interested in a future date. Click here!


Didn’t get to Give Big? Here’s your chance!

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Resource Section

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“Why I gave up a $95k job to move to an Island…” by Noelle Hancock/

“The Moral Bucket List” by David Brooks/NY Times

“Dear Bosses: Here are 20 Rewards That Employees Actually Want” by Lily Herman/The Muse

“3 Reasons Why You Should Be On LinkedIn” by Theo Meek/LinkedIn

“4 Better Ways to Answer ‘Why Are You Leaving Your Job’?” by Lily Zhang/Newsweek

Vibrant Life Source blog written by Centerpoint Executive Director, Leah Krieger.

Quote of the Day! 

Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.”      ― Amit Ray, Meditation